Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat Pediatric Growth Pouches


Royal Canin Cat Pediatric Growth is specially formulated for growing kittens, Pediatric Growth is designed to promote good digestion and steady development.

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Specially formulated for growing kittens, Royal Canin Pediatric is designed to promote good digestion and steady development. Growing kittens need a boost of key essential nutrients which many basic cat foods do not contain. Royal Canin Pediatric Growth encourages your kittens’ natural defences so they can live a long and healthy lifestyle. Even the fussiest of kittens will love the meaty flavour. The wet food is chunky and easy to eat. Full of fibre and protein, this mix is the best match for your growing kittens. Ingredients: Chicken and pig meats, rice flour, wheat gluten, fish oil, minerals, yeast extract, marigold meal, vitamins and minerals. List of contents is not exhaustive, if you have concerns about allergies contact the manufacturer.

Feeding Guide: Daily feeding depends on the age and weight of your cat. Portion sizes range from 15g – 40g daily. Check the label to ensure you are feeding your cat the right amount and do not overfeed. Always provide fresh, clean water for your cat.

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