Royal Canin Mother & Babycat 34


Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs pregnant and lactating cats need for their kittens.

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Mother and Babycat is designed specifically for mothers and young kittens (weaning to 4 months of age). The extra small kibble is uniquely designed to suit the kitten’s milk teeth and can be rehydrated to ease the transition from milk to solid food. Between 4 and 12 weeks after birth, the immunity transmitted by the mother gradually decreases while the babycats own immune defences are not yet fully developed. This premium dry food is made from highly digestible ingredients to support gastrointestinal health and is enriched with the omega fatty acid DHA to help support optimal brain development. The kibble is rehydratable to aid the transition of the kittens from milk to dry food, and is designed with a size, shape and texture that is easy for kittens to chew.

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