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Preventic 2 Month Tick Collar


Preventic Tick Collar provides full protection against ticks within 48 hours of placement. Stops new ticks from attaching. Demonstrated 92% efficacy in controlling a severe tick infestation after 24 hours versus 63% efficacy achieved by a deltamethrin collar.

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The Preventic Tick Collar controls ticks including Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks, Cattle ticks and Brown Dog ticks. Tick paralysis can be fatal, so prevention is essential if you live in a tick area, or are planning to visit one. Paralysis ticks are found in most areas of the east coast of Australia and can be active year round in warmer climates. Dogs and cats usually pick up ticks in their fur when moving through areas of long grass or scrub. Once attached, the Paralysis tick feeds on your pets blood, whilst also releasing deadly toxin. This toxin causes paralysis, beginning with a change of voice, weakness in the back legs and trouble blinking or swallowing. Without treatment the symptoms progress to paralysis of the muscles of breathing, resulting in death. Safe for puppies from 16 weeks of age. The collar is toxic if chewed, avoid use in puppies who are still teething. The Preventic Tick Collar is most effective when worn continuously, remove only for swimming or bathing. Daily tick searches are highly recommended for dogs.

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