Pet Butlers “Black Label” Senior Dog Dry Food

Pet Butlers “Black Label” Senior Dog Dry Food is a super premium dry dog food formulated using a unique blend of digestible and hypo-allergenic ingredients designed for healthy mature dogs.

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What is Pet Butlers “Black Label” Senior Dry Dog Food?

Pet Butlers Senior Dog Dry Food is a super-premium dog food that contains a natural blend of high-grade Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential oils. This balanced and potent blend of flaxseed oil, high-grade fish oil, sunflower and canola oils ensures your mature dog maintains a shiny coat and healthy skin. The main protein sources are Australian lamb and duck. Combined with rice (the most digestible and least allergenic of all grains) these ingredients provoke fewer allergic reactions from dogs that develop a hyper- sensitivity to common food allergens such as wheat, beef and chicken. Available in 3kg and 15kg bags. Refer to your dog’s breed to work out their life stage.

  • Reduced calories to help maintain a healthy weight and quality of life
  • Best vitamins and minerals added for efficient metabolism
  • Designed as a low residue diet
  • Contains a special blend of prebiotics to support immune function
  • The unique blend of hydrolysed gelatin, fish oils and beta glucans have been added to help with joint health.

Why Pet Butlers Premium Pet Food?

This super-premium dog food is made in Australia! All of our food comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every bag is guaranteed for great taste, high quality and palatable or your money back! Just return your initial purchase within 14 days for a full refund.


Ingredients: Rice, lamb meal, oats, duck meal, corn gluten meal, natural flavours, natural animal fats, omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, complete vitamins and chelated trace minerals, choline chloride, inulin, bacillus subtilis, beta glucans, yucca extract, natural antioxidants.

Changing your dog food brand or type?

As your dog’s digestive system is much more sensitive than humans, the Butlers’ recommend that you take it very slowly to allow your dog’s tummy to adjust to its new food. The best way to go about changing your dog’s food is to have some of the current food still on hand when making the change so that you can mix the old and new diets together in increasing proportions. This will allow for a smooth digestive transition needed to avoid sickness. If in doubt, please seek your vet’s advice.

What else is in the range?

Pet Butlers offers 4 types of dog food in their premium pet food range: Pet Butlers “Black Label” Adult Dog Dry FoodPet Butlers “Black Label” Sensitive Dog Dry Food and Pet Butlers “Black Label” Puppy Dry Food.

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