Hills Prescription Diet Zd Cat Skin & Food Sensitivities


Hills Prescription Diet Zd Feline is formulated as a low allergen diet for cats with food hypersensitivities and skin irritation.

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Signs of a Food Hypersensitivity: Itchy, red and inflamed skin especially around the face, belly and feet; Recurrent ear infections; Vomiting or diarrhea. It is a common misconception that food hypersensitivities in pets occur in response to additives or preservatives. Food allergies or hypersensitivities in pets are most commonly to a protein contained in a food that they have eaten for a long period of time. Over time an abnormal response from the immune system causes it to become sensitised to the proteins from the food, for example beef or chicken. Z/d is made from a protein that has been hydrolysed, which means that it does not react with your pets allergy receptors. It also contains just a single carbohydrate source, to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction and help to eliminate potential sources of allergy.

Z/d also contains vital nutrients to help maintain your pets skin and coat health. The skin is the largest organ in your pets body and it is directly affected by the nutrients they consume. The skin is the barrier between your pets body and the outside world. It protects against fluid loss, physical injury and infection. Z/d is rich in essential fatty acids, which play an integral role in the maintenance if the skins natural barrier function. Pets fed a diet that is deficient in essential fatty acids can have scaly skin, loss of skin elasticity and a dry dull coat. Adding essential fatty acids to your pets diet will help to support its barrier function, reduce scaly skin and improve their coats shine and lustre. Z/d also contains antioxidants, including Vitamin C & E, to support the immune system and control oxidative injury to cell membranes caused by free radicals.

Key Benefits:
1. Hydrolysed protein and single carbohydrate source to eliminate food related skin irritations
2. Rich in essential fatty acids to maintain skin health
3. Clinically proven antioxidants to support a healthy immune system

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