Hills Prescription Diet C/D Multicare Urinary Stress Cat Food


Hills Prescription Diet Cd Multicare Urinary Stress is a wet food formulated for cats with urinary issues.

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Signs of urinary tract problems: Straining to urinate; Blood stained urine; Frequently urinating small amounts; Urinating in unusual spots; Reduced appetite, lethargy & restlessness; Excessive licking of the urinary region.

Dietary management is vital for healthy functioning of the urinary tract. Inappropriate food and excess minerals can lead to crystals forming in the urine which may result in bladder stone formation. Stress in the home as also been proven to negatively impact bladder health. To prevent bladder and urinary tract discomfort from crystals and stones feeding an appropriate diet to your cat is recommended. Hills Cd Mulitcare Urinary Stress is a tasty wet food that has been formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists to support your cats urinary health and manage stress. This diet contains milk protein which is proven to relieve anxiety in cats. It also has L-tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, which affects mood and also decreases anxiety. Multicare Urinary Stress is a complete and balanced diet that meets all of your cats nutritional needs and limits the recurrence of bladder signs by 89%. Consult your veterinarian prior to starting any prescription diet.

Key Benefits: Ingredients to help manage stress; Dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days (average 28 days); Reduces the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stone formation; Enriched with antioxidants & omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce and control inflammation; Controlled mineral levels of magnesium, calcium & phosphorus; Contains potassium citrate for desirable urine pH levels; Recommended for lifelong feeding of cats.

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