Applaws Nature’s Calling Cat Litter

Applaws Cat Litter is a 100% natural cat litter made from the re-claimed lining of the Walnut Shell.

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Applaws Natures Calling – This fibrous material is excellent at absorbing and neutralising ammonia, is quick clumping and flushable. It is also 100% biodegradable so it is kinder to the environment and safer for you and your cats or kittens. This is a non-food agricultural product that is not for human consumption. In a nutshell, Natures Calling Cat Litter offers incredibly effective odour control thats not only fast clumping and low maintenance but also 100% natural and totally biodegradable so its great for the environment too. Benefits: Superior Odour Control; Fast Clumping Action, quicker and easier to clean; 100% Natural & Biodegradable. Kinder to the environment; Low dust; Easy to manage, less mess.

1. Fill the cat litter tray with Natures Calling to the recommended level of 7.5cm.
2. Natures Calling when wet forms an easily removable clump of waste. Remove with a scoop and dispose of according to your local regulations on household waste.
3. Maintain by removing clumps and solid waste daily. Add more litter as needed to maintain 7.5cm depth.
4. It is recommended that you completely replace Natures Calling once every 30 days.
5. *Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Cat faeces can carry parasites that can could Toxoplasmosis. Pregnant women, young children and individuals with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with used cat litter.

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