The Butler experience is where it all begins…

Welcome to Pet Butlers!

Pet Butlers is all about unprecedented personal service, home delivery and convenience. We put in the hard yards so that you can sit back and relax. The Butlers deliver all sorts of pet supplies to your door and with love.

It all started in 2017 with two brothers and Bentley, our Staffy cross Kelpie pup. At dinner time, one of us (now a Butler) would get Bentley’s meal ready, a mix of raw meat and dry kibble was a favourite. Bentley would be waiting and wagging in anticipation for his nightly routine; the obedient sit, a cheeky handshake and then dinner time. That was it, dinner wolfed down in seconds and then the wait for tomorrow’s routine began.

Well the wait wouldn’t be long… this would more commonly be followed by a dental treat or two and some slow-roasted rosemary garlic lamb shoulder or the smoky beef and bacon gourmet sausage that one of the Butlers could never finish. How could we ever say no to that face? We know our pets deserve the very best as they reward us back with their love, joy and sometimes messy kisses. This got us thinking, what if we did the same for other pet owners?

Pets are our everyday love so we have decided to offer you the very best to support their health and wellbeing, and help cherish the memories they bring. We want to connect with other pet owners who not only love their pets and want the best for them, but want a convenient and enjoyable delivery experience that is worth celebrating.

Only the best for your pet, where you can expect more from a butler. That, we know, is a worthy purpose.

So we named it Pet Butlers and have built our online shop and community into a place where we, as pet owners, would love to buy and connect with others. We didn’t just create another online store; we decided the focus would be on home delivery.

That’s right, 100% Butler happiness guaranteed.

You know those courier services that leave 15-kilogram bags of pet food at the front door and run? Well that goes against the Pet Butlers mission. We want to make loving your family as easy as possible.

Our mission… To delight our customers by delivering a personal service, where pet owners online can expect more from your Butler!

With online retailers focusing more and more on deals, we’re facing a future decline of good old-fashioned customer service, character and stories. Real people, real pets.

The Butlers are more than just your average delivery service; we are pet lovers and we want to show it to you. We want to meet your loved ones! Take a selfie, shake a paw and get to know them a bit better. That way we can help you choose the right products online and cater for your pet needs both large and small.

We’re looking forward to you enjoying the Butler Experience; personal service, convenient delivery and great value.

As demand for Pet Butlers grow, we will always remain indebted to Bentley, who not only is the first ever dog we owned, but also was the inspiration for starting the Pet Butlers.

Are you ready to call a Butler?

Pet Butlers.

ABN: 72 137 079 693